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January 5th, 2003 - renaissance chick's live journal — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
renaissance chick

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January 5th, 2003

my weekend with BC [Jan. 5th, 2003|08:07 pm]
renaissance chick
[mood |blissed]
[music |"you've got to hide your love away" - eddie vedder covering the beatles from "i am sam"]

i was a quasi-single mother this weekend. BS had school on saturday and then suddenly had to go up and back to NJ on sunday to have a family photo taken despite being up sick the whole night before (don't ask.) so my exhausted self and i had the privilege and pleasure of hanging out with the bunster for two whole days.

saturday: i took the bunster to the kennedy center to see philadanco, a modern dance troupe from the city of brotherly love, perform a set of african-american flavored works. it was BC's first time at the kennedy center, so we both got dressed up, she in an ensemble which included just about every color you can imagine. i showed her the flags in the hall of the states, and we were sure to find those from virginia (our current home), new jersey (my real home), and wisconsin (her little boyfriend milo's home - not too hard to find, either, as the good people of WI apparently write WISCONSIN across their flag.) i then took her into the grand foyer, which is truly a grand foyer with entrances to the main theaters. she loved playing on the red plush carpeted stairs, and we looked at pictures of president kennedy and a huge sculpture of his head. "mama," she said, "that's not him. he doesn't have HAIR!" my little critic.

then, since we were going to see a performance in the Terrace Theater, we went upstairs. i took her outside on the balcony and lifted her up, over my big old belly, so that she could see the Potomac, the bridge she crosses every day to go to school, and Georgetown (home of aunt maren). the wind was fierce. "mama," she said, "this wind is going to blow us OVER!" we made a hasty retreat back inside, giggling.

the house was packed. considering i had comp'd seats (thanks to my "day" job), we really could see well. the show consisted of three different dances. the first, essentially an ode to Otis Redding, was astonishing. i was so pleased to show BC that a) men as well as women can become professional dancers; 2) you can dance to anything - it doesn't have to be classical music; and 3) dancers come in all shades. BC moved into my lap and basically danced the entire time Otis was on. the second work was about how african americans have taken a basic handshake and turned it into a cultural experience. the music ranged from the hokey pokey to be-bop and everything in between. also a great deal of fun, and BC was thrilled. the last work, "enemy at the gate," was not as much of a pleaser. much more serious and abstract in tone, the dance was waaay above BC's head, and she was pretty much through by then. all in all, though, we had a delightful afternoon. and, i would like to point out that my kid behaved better in the theater than some adults who sat behind us and talked through the entire program. i very nearly gave them a time out.

sunday: thank G-d for my friend maren. i adore my time with BC, but lately, i get so very, very tired. a whole weekend solo is tough for me, as much as i enjoy it. m2K came over with her beads and proceeded to bead with, read to, and feed my kid with me. it doesn't sound like much, and certainly the snow made her visit a bit abbreviated, but it was such a welcome relief. BC is so fond of her, too. maren brought over two books she bought for BC for her birthday - one is called "contemplating your bellybutton" and it is a hoot. some people get exorcised because there are pictures of NAKED PEOPLE in the book! but hey, this type of thing really doesn't bother me or BS a whole lot, and the book is so funny. we will have to get its predecessor, "the gas we pass."

anyway, we had plenty of quality playdoh and computer time. it was a day. but lord, i adore my kid.
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