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March 11th, 2003 - renaissance chick's live journal — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
renaissance chick

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March 11th, 2003

you say it's your birthday? [Mar. 11th, 2003|07:23 am]
renaissance chick
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[music |"have a good time" - paul simon]

well, mine was sunday. and i got to have it in the happiest place on earth, walt disney world. lemme tell you, it is tough returning to 20 degree cold when you have spent several days in the 80s. but here i am.

anyway, my birthday started out with me throwing up my dinner from the night before. (i know, too much sharing, right?) see, when you are pregnant, you have a large appetite, but at this stage, there is not much room for food since the baby is mashing up against everything, including your stomach. so at 1:30am, the deluge.

in the a.m. i felt a bit better. i got a wonderful Tigger watch and a T-shirt with Belle on it saying "i'm with the beast" (hee hee hee) from BS and BS, not to mention birthday hugs and kisses from them and my pals jacks and anya, who joined us on this trip. BC shared the fact that it was my birthday at the Port Orleans food court, and next thing you know it, the OMG-sized chef came out and made the whole place sing happy birthday to me. but i was definitely sleep deprived from the night before. so we went to the magic kingdom. i got a button that announced that today was my birthday. complete strangers began wishing me a happy birthday. and promptly, when we stopped at a bench to sit, a bird shit on my head. yes, you read that correctly. he hit my hair and my one and only dry clean only outfit. i know, i know, it is supposed to be good luck. but you know - when you are not feeling well, and you have two little girls who have to go to the bathroom, and a bird shits on your head... you just feel like a cloud waiting to rain.

fortunately, i bucked up after a trip to the Tiki Room. i really liked the Buzz Lightyear ride - it wasn't there 10 years ago when i last visited The Mouse. and i got hugged by Pooh and Tigger, which, for those of you who know me is a big deal :-) jacks and anya got me a wonderfully cute pooh mug, too. so the day picked up considerably once i had my little cry.

after a nap and a shower (and a good pipe - oh, wait, that's not my story, that's Curious George), i felt 1000 times better. sure, it monsooned and there was a tornado warning, but we dropped BC off at the Neverland Club (no, NOT michael jackson's house but a little daycare party for little ones with a peter pan theme) and went to have a birthday dinner at narcoosee's, a Grand Floridian restaurant where we dined when we were on our honeymoon. the place is on the water, and we timed it so that we could see the Magic Kingdom fireworks while we ate. it was lovely.

and, jersey girl that i am, i was really happy because BS then took me to the game room, where i promptly whupped his ass in pinball (a tradition - ever since we dated, we have been going out to play pinball, although we haven't done it in a very long while.) we picked up BC and anya from the Neverland Club, along with jack's dad (who came to visit), and all crashed.

like i said. it picked up considerably after the bird shit. i am one lucky chick.
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