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May 6th, 2003 - renaissance chick's live journal — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
renaissance chick

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May 6th, 2003

our kid's got balls [May. 6th, 2003|03:36 pm]
renaissance chick
[mood |enthralledenthralled]
[music |"in your eyes" - peter gabriel]

this morning, we trekked to the radiologist to take a gander at julian via sonogram. BC, BS and i had the same technician we had several months ago when we first looked at julian and he looked mostly like an alien. i don't know if she truly remembered us (it is hard to forget a smile like BC's ;-) or simply saw on the chart that she had performed the last sonogram, but the technician was just lovely and welcomed us back.

anyway, we saw mr. man in all his glory. his head is down (for now, anyway), his butt regularly is what juts up and hurts me below the ribs, and he is grabbing one foot with one hand in my lower abdomen. his other hand is holding his chin. i imagine he is thinking and tapping his fingers (it certainly feels like he is doing that, anyway.) maybe he's bored. then again, maybe it is some odd new version of Pilates. anyway, his tummy was full of liquid (which the tech said was good since it means he is drinking) and looked like a big round puff ball. his cheeks are chubby. we saw his scrotum, so evidently, thangs have descended (which is good.) if you could only see how my gallbladder and liver are completely smashed thanks to this dude, you would understand why i often am in pain.

baby space=big. mommy space=miniscule.

for a split second, i saw his face. i started to tear up a little. there is simply nothing like seeing your baby's face for the first time, even if it is in utero. it kept flashing past because this guy didn't want to stay still. i kept wishing there was a way i could get him to turn so that i could see it and stare and stare and stare, just as i did when i first saw BC's beautiful face. selfish mommy that i am.

size-wise, he is within 5 days of his original due date (early June), so stay tuned to see when this dude arrives. (anyone wanna bet when he arrives?) and, at present, he is one ounce shy of 6 pounds. considering they put on nearly a pound a week at this stage of the game, i may be in for about a 9 pounder.

in a word, ouch.
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am i the only one who finds this disturbing? [May. 6th, 2003|04:35 pm]
renaissance chick
life checks
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