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May 18th, 2003 - renaissance chick's live journal — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
renaissance chick

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May 18th, 2003

that's a friend [May. 18th, 2003|07:07 pm]
renaissance chick
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here's a great big shout out to my friend jacks, who will probably smack me in the head (after i deliver the baby, of course) for writing about her.

we were paired up with jacks when BC and jacks' daughter anya were in the nursery at daycare and we became her nursery buddies/mentors. BC was a veteran baby there, and anya was new in the place. how we got so lucky to be paired up with her, i will never know. some things are just like kismet, i guess. she's a long island girl; i'm a jersey girl. i am sure we both had our stints with big hair. and despite the fact that she is italian and i am a red sea pedestrian, we are probably related. same bizarre sense of humor, same values, same hair (when mine isn't in what might be termed as early chrissie hynde, which it is since my most recent haircut. basically my haircut from most of the 1980s. but everyone is polite enough not to say that to my face ;-) anyway, at this point, she is chair and i am vice chair of BC and anya's school board. we don't agree on everything (although we agree on a whole lot), but it is nice to be able to say so and not worry that she will hate me or think i am a blithering idiot. or maybe she is just too polite to tell me i am, but hey, that's part of friendship sometimes, too :-)

anyway, this morning, she was in the neighborhood with madame anya. because i have had such a piss-poor week, she brought over wonderful daisies and yummy thornton's chocolates from her UK friend who is in town. (and scally, if you read this, you can add this to the things you can bring me from the UK ;-) friends who share chocolate are true friends.

but it gets better.

BS went out on the roof to clean out the gutters while jacks was over. suddenly, i heard BC screaming, "mama, there's water coming out of the toilet!" i ran (yes, i really did, 38 weeks along) to find the toilet overflowing. i took the cover off and held up the thingy in the toilet that stops the water. jacks came in, held up the thingy while i got the plunger. then, she took the plunger from me, plunged the toilet, AND wiped up the water from the floor. now, it is awful enough when this happens to you when you are in your own house, but to do it in another person's house, with another person's kid's dookie/etc in the bowl, well, THAT is friendship.

i am one lucky chick. thanks, jacks :-)
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